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Granulated Blast furnace Slag

Ggbs is the by product from controlled process of Iron Proction from the house of the Recons Group.

What is GGBS?

Granulated Blast furnace Slag is the by - product obtained in the manufacture of pig Iron in blast furnaces at around 1400° to 1500°C in the molten form. The slag is obtained by rapidly chilling the molten ash from the furnace by means of chilled water and is ground about 400 m2/kg of fineness by using state of the art grinding mill to make GGBS. It is a non-metallic product consisting essentially of glass.

Applications of GGBS

GGBS is used to make durable concrete structures in combination with Ordinary Portland Cement and/or other pozzolanic materials. To improve the durability of structures, usage of GGBS along with OPC in concrete is recommended is BS 6699:1986, ASTM C989:1982, IS 456:2000 and GGBS to OPC in the range of 25-70% shall be added to manufacture Portland Slag Cement as per IS 455:1989.

Granulated Blast furnace Slag Granulated Blast furnace Slag

GGBS Advantages
  • Reduction in heat of hydration and minimization of Thermal cracks.
  • Permeability and surplus lime liberated during the hydration of portland cement are the root causes for deleterious effect on the concrete.
  • Absorption of surplus lime released out of OPC to form in to secondary hydrated mineralogy.
  • Pore refinement and grain refinement due to the secondary hydrated mineralogy, thus contributing for impermeability and enrichment of Transition zones.
  • Impermeability is the foremost mechanism for making the concrete more durable and is best achieved by using GGBS.
  • Reduction requirement of cement for same strength thus reduces the cost of concrete.
  • IS 456:2000 recommends addition of more than 50% GGBS where Chloride is encountered along with Sulphates in place of SRC.