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Nova Ash

Nova Ash
Processed Fly Ash

Nova Ash is a high quality processed fly ash from the house of the Recons Group.

It is a modern day building material extensively used to not just save costs but also show a sense of responsibility towards our environment. The fly ash has been extracted from thermal power plant than it is processed by a modern Equipments at our plant. The final product is a very fine, high grade fly ash. Our products has been used by many RMC plants for replacement of cement. It not only enhances the performance of concrete but also increase the structure Life. Nova Ash is supplied in both bulk & bags packing. Recons Group is having its own bulker fleet to handle the major Bulk fly ash movements.

Some of the benefits of Nova Ash includes:
  • Reduced water-cement ratio which produces less shrinkages and less cracks.
  • Improved bonding of layers due to slow setting
  • Better bond to steel and improved off-shutter finish
  • Increased long term strength development
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved workability owning to the sphericity of flyash
  • Reduced danger of deterioration of Sulfates and Chlorides and thus greater durability
  • Finer and more refines ore structure leading to less permeable and more beneficial reinforced concrete

Thus clearly, it is not just a boon to the environment, it also helps create monuments that stand to take the test of time till eternity.

Nova Ash - Processed Fly Ash
Nova Ash - Processed Fly Ash
Nova Ash - Processed Fly Ash
Nova Ash - Processed Fly Ash