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Nova Bond

Nova Bond
Thin Jointing Polymerised Bond

Recons Group takes immense pride in introducing a special thin block jointing Nova BOND for a versatile and developing Indian Market. It is a combination of special sands, cement, and polymers, which not only enhances the bonding strength but also ensures its sustainability. Feature that marks uniqueness of this product is that it completely replaces the conventional cement sand mortar. A special polymer inside this Bond gives very high bonding strength, as well as, easy workability.

The Advantages of Nova Bond:
  • High Bonding Strength
  • Easy and Workability that ensures quick work.
  • Very Thin Bed bond reduces the shrinkage cracks.
  • Premixed and Ready to use.
  • A Self Curing Property makes it free from water curing after application.
  • Fine Moleculer structure reduces water seepage.
  • No Raking of surfaces requires before application.
  • Manufactured from Eco-friendly material make product green.
  • Most Important it is more economical than traditional mortar.
  • There is enormous saving of labor, Time, Energy, Material handling on site & Supervision.
Ideal For :

'Nova BOND' is recommended for masonry units like AAC Light Weight Blocks, CLC Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks, Hollow Blocks, concrete floor tiles and for jointing of Pre-Stressed Concrete slabs & Panels. 'Nova BOND' is free from dust & contaminants, thus, impairs natural bonding.

Method Of Application:
  • Masonry units must he watered before application to remove loose particles for better bonding of 'Nova BOND'.
  • The Surface must be clean, leveled and structurally sound.
  • Mix uniformly 'Nova BOND' Powder with potable water in the ratio of 30 to 35% water & 65 to 70% 'Nova BOND' in a clean vessel.
  • Apply thin uniform layer of 'Nova BOND' up to 2-3 mm thick on the dean & leveled surface of masonry units using proper trowel.
  • Place the next course or unit of masonry units on the evenly laid jointing mortar bed in proper line & level.
  • Each masonry wilt should be properly laid & set in the position by gently pressing with the help of trowel.
  • After placing the first unit, apply 'Nova BOND' of the same thickness on the both side of unit with maintaining continuous check for the above line & level.
  • Clean the excess material immediately, if any.
  • 'Nova BOND' is available in 40 Kgs. PP Laminated Bags
Nova Bond
Nova Bond
Nova Bond
Nova Bond