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RECONS GROUP, established since 1987, is trusted leader in international trade for sourcing of building material, minerals, chemicals and more. With our extensive expertise and network, we ensure top notch product with seamless logistics and timely delivery of our products to markets around the world. Our products have wide range of options for various industrial applications and also we provide valuable guidance.

Exports Prices as on: 23-Aug-2023

Product Name Test Certificate Price Rs.
Cenospheres Enquire Enquire
Fly Ash Enquire Enquire
GGBFS Enquire Enquire
Raw Slag Enquire Enquire
Ultra GGBFS Enquire Enquire

Product Name Test Certificate Price Rs.
Ball Clay Enquire Enquire
Bentonite Enquire Enquire
China Clay Enquire Enquire
Feldspar Enquire Enquire
Quartz Lumps/Powder Enquire Enquire
Silica Quartz Enquire Enquire
Silica Sand Enquire Enquire

Product Name Test Certificate Price Rs.
Caustic Potash Flakes Enquire Enquire
Caustic Soda Flakes/Lye Enquire Enquire
Chlorine Derivatives Enquire Enquire
Hydrogen Peroxide Enquire Enquire
Methylene Chloride (MDC) Enquire Enquire
Sodium Chlorate Enquire Enquire

Why Choose Us

Extensive Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in local and international trade, we possess the knowledge and expertise to supply various products.

Global Network

Our vast network of logistics partners, shipping agents, and affiliates worldwide ensures reliable and efficient delivery across different markets and geographies.

Customer-Friendly Approach

We prioritize our clients' products needs and proactive communication to ensure a smooth trade experience.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to offer cost-effective products pricing with excellent quality.

Compliance and Ethical Standards

We uphold the highest ethical standards and ensure compliance with international standards and regulations, safeguarding your business reputation and minimizing risks.

Connect with Us

We are ready to meet your sourcing needs and expectations. Explore global trade opportunities with us.

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