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Why Recons

Recons is known in the industry for its impeccable quality and Ernest business practices. It is changing the face of India. Recons Group has not only helped to build the landmark projects like flyovers, bridges, dams and runways, it has also built everlasting trust in engineers, builders, contractors, retailers and individual house builders which we believe is our real asset.

Why us:
Recons group believes in its 5R business strategy.



Recons Group is the synonym of quality for the last 20 years supplying diversified building products all across the country.


Company has over the years developed a robust network & very strong clientele list.


Recons Group is known for its innovation and dynamism. We are always been the early adapter of new and cutting edge technology and products to suit the needs of our clients. At Recons, reform is not just a business practice, but a way of life.


Recons Group strives to be a resourceful partner in the endeavors of our clients. We have been known to make the impossible- possible whenever the need arises.


At Recons we understand the value of relationship & bonding. The recons group’s business is built on the solid foundations of trust and uprightness. The Group strongly believes that the buissness grows with relations & long term associations.