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Nova Gypsum

After extensive research Recons Group is presenting a new edge concept of internal Light Weight gypsum plaster known by name Nova Gypsum. The word Nova Gypsum not only implies it is easy to use but, also boast many advantages. Selecting the right material & methodology to finish internal wall surface is the key towards achieving the best desired finish & performance. Gypsum plaster is the solution of choice & an ideal replacement of stand cement plaster & POP. In today’s construction practices demand of green, energy efficient, high perform product required. Recons Group is presenting a new edge concept in Gypsum Plaster Known by name Nova Gypsum.

Nova Gypsum Nova Gypsum

  • Earthquake Resistance: It is having inherent properties of light weight of gypsum, there is always less dead load on structure & hence good for earth resistance.
  • Time Saving: It is very much time saving as it does not require any curing & it sets. Drying is very fast compared to cement plasters. Hence less wastage of cement, labour & time.
  • Thermal Insulation: It contains thermal insulation properties & low heat conductivity. Keeps room cool & ensures power saving.
  • Sound Absorbent: It is having unique acoustical properties of absorbing airborne sounds & it is a leading material used for sound absorbent properties.
  • Anti - Fungus & Termite Free: Nova plast gypsum plaster does not allow any fungus or termite to mould growth inside walls & hence very much recommended for hospitals & clinics.
  • Fire Resisting: It is non-combustible & in event of fire, it will act as barrier and will protect the RCC Structure etc.
  • Shrinkage Cracks Free: Nova Plast Gypsum plaster is having easy work ability & due to pre mix plaster it is having uniform setting time. It does not shrink (unlike cement) during the drying out & hardening process & hence always free from inherent cracks.
  • Ever Lasting: Is Known for its a durability and performance. It exhibits high tensile and flexural strength.
  • Pre-mixed plaster: It is a pre-mixed plaster, which can be directly applied over brick/block work without separate finishing. It is also very easy to apply and level gypsum plaster.
  • Bonding properties: It sets quickly and reduces time considerably when compared to conventional cement plaster.
  • Aesthetics: It is acknowledged for its aesthetics. It can be perfectly lined and leveled for smooth walls. It can be applied to decorative purposes also and can be mould into different shapes.