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Test Certificates

Owing to our transparent traditions, we have presented our Certificates of Product testing and other important documents for our clients and interested parties. Feel free to download them here below:

Brand Grade Week/Year Download
Vasavadatta OPC-53 4/2021  
Vasavadatta OPC-53 3/2021  
VICAT OPC-43 3/2021  
VICAT OPC-53 3/2021  
VICAT PPC 3/2021  
Ambuja OPC-53 3/2021  
Ambuja OPC-53 2/2021  
Vasavadatta OPC-53 2/2021  
VICAT OPC-43 2/2021  
VICAT PPC 2/2021  
Ambuja OPC-53 1/2021  
Ambuja PPC 1/2021  
Vasavadatta OPC-53 1/2021  
VICAT OPC-43 1/2021  
VICAT OPC-53 1/2021  
VICAT PPC 1/2021